The Construction of our Cedar Adirondack Chair Kits

Outdoor Furniture takes a beating out in the elements.  After all, that’s what outdoor furniture is made be left outdoors and enjoyed when the weather is perfect for relaxing.  There are two main factors that go into the design process for building outdoor furniture.



Choosing the material is maybe the most important.  Wood, Plastic, Poly wood, Wicker, and  Wrought Iron are some of the most popular options out there.  Each have there own pros and cons to them.  Here at (CAC) we like wood!  There is just something timeless about it.  And to think that a piece of functional furniture was once a tree is pretty cool.

Our wood choice is Western Red Cedar.  Why?  Because it is readily available and it holds up through the elements.  And for a price much cheaper than Teak, Ipe, or any other exotic hardwoods out there.  That makes it a great value.

Every part of the chair is made with 5/4″ Western Red Cedar.  True 1 inch thick.  Thicker material means a sturdy adirondack chair!


Classic Adirondack Chair Seat

Classic Adirondack Chair Seat



You can have the best material possible, but it you just slap it together with a few nails, you will be disappointed!  The actual construction of the furniture is the 2nd most important element in outdoor furniture.

Our hardware is all Stainless Steel screws and carriage bolts.  Won’t rust and won’t stain the cedar.  We use #8 bugle head screws that hold the joint close and tight while the glue drys.  We also use a beefy 3/8″ carriage bolt to connect the front legs to the back legs.

In addition to the best hardware, we also use the best adhesive.  These two things work hand in hand to ensure a solid joint.  We use Loctite PL polyurethane adhesive.  This stuff is built for exterior use!  It has a thicker viscosity to it than most woodworking glues.  This allows it to make a better bond and to spread out over the entire joint surface area.  It also has some elasticity to it.  This is important because the cedar will expand and contract seasonally.  The glue will allow it to move without breaking the bond!


Cedar Adirondack Chair back

Back Assembly of Adirondack Chair



In short, our Cedar Adirondack Chair Kits are overbuilt!  But that is exactly what you need for outdoor furniture.  Whether you are up in the Pacific Northwest or down on a beach in Florida, these chairs are built to withstand the elements!


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